Earthfusion Group offers to the customers a wide range of high quality, value-for-money solutions and services such as engineering, integration, commissioning, training, after sales support.


Working closely with well-established vehicle providers, Earthfusion Group equips the vehicle with bespoke electronics and also enhances the vehicle interior to meet clients unique requirement.

Through our partners, we help our customers to design, manufacture and assemble the “Drive Line” and CTIS for vehicle, with the aim to simplify and increase the performance, while at the same time decreasing the vehicle’s “rolling effect”. All these are achieved through the reconfiguration of few components which is commercially available.

Vehicle Retrofit

Systems Upgrade Capability

Military Vehicle Suspension

Earthfusion Group’s enhance suspension system improve the management of undesired vibration and oscillation of work machinery and equipment. Better manageability enhances productivity and work efficiency as well as the profitability of contract work.

When a machine or machine part oscillates in an undesired manner, its energy consumption is not efficient. Oscillation management also extends the useful life of the work machine structures that are susceptible to wear and fatigue.

Improved manageability of vibration and oscillation in a work machine also improves safety at work.

Product development tests are conducted using in-house test rigs and at external test facilities. Testing conducted includes structural, shock, vibration, environmental, climatic from individual components to complete wheel stations.

• Long term reliability
• No leakage of gas
• Maintenance-free capabilities
• Shock absorber
• Self-levelling features
• Lower fatigue stresses
• Comfort and stability


Military Vehicle Power Pack

Earthfusion Group’s Power Pack can be easily fit into any vehicle. It has excellent power performance and efficiency. The engineering design is compact where pump system, filter system, radiator are all integrated closely. Hence, the Power Pack can fit into any vehicle without the need of modification of the housing. Spare parts are easily available commercially.

Example of a possible configuration:

• Engine Description Diesel multi-fuel
12 cylinder 60 degrees
Direct injection
4 stroke water cooled
Super charged
• Rating 732 kw / 995bhp at 2000 rpm (V-46-ABS engine BS-STV modified)
• Max. torque at 1300 to 1400 rpm 450 kgm
• Bore/stroke 150/180 mm
• Specific fuel 180 gms. / HP.h
• Consumption 245.9 gms. / KW.h
• Starting system Compressed air/electric
• Weight of engine 980 kg
• Power to weight ratio 0.59:1 KW/kg
• Engine dimensions (length) 1480 mm.
(Width) 896 mm.
(Height) 902 mm
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Military Vehicle Drive Lines


Hydrogen Suspension system

• Soft suspension adjustment, drivability at any inclination and capsizing avoidance
• Automatic adjustment of the damping at any vehicle’s load, with unaltered driving characteristics at any load.

“V” shaped bottom hull structure

• Allows good ground clearance
• Inner passage of the compressed air for CTIS
• Act as a deflection from underneath explosion

Improved steering system

• The steering system is to ensure hull sealing and eliminate as much as possible angle transmissions and drive rods.

Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS)

• Improved Mobility

  • Increases traction on unimproved roads
  • Allows higher vehicle speeds (over variety of terrains)
  • Allows continuous vehicle operation in the presence of minor tire leaks.

• Reliable Performance

  • Seals and hoses isolation to eliminates tire leak down
  • Truck brake air supply is protected by an air priority system.
  • Provides a better ride, lower step height, and reduced driveline maintenance.

• Enhanced Efficiency

  • Allows users to match tire pressures to vehicle loads and speeds
  • Extends tread life
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Reduces instances of costly tire punctures and tread chunk-out.
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