The portable jammer, designed for transporting and moving easily.

With the transmission frequency range from 0MHz to 2700MHz, and high transmission power, the portable Jammer consists of multiple frequency-band jamming transmitters, configured as a modular jamming system that allows the end-user to select the bandwidth of each transmitting channel in real-time and in the system only by pressing the buttons, thus protection against any threat.

It creates a secure electronic shield around the jammer, providing protection to the entire team. The jamming radius depends on the strength signal in given area.

The jammer transmits blocking signals with the frequency range from 0MHz to 2700MHz without any gap as needed. It can block all devices remote-controlled via wireless signal, including Remote Controlled Toys, car key, FM broadcasting receiver, wireless data transfer, wireless intercom, GSM\DCS\CDMA\3G\4G\PHS cell phone, WIFI, Bluetooth, BP, et al.


  • Elite military and police units
  • Military bases
  • Convoy protection
  • Bomb squads
  • Anti-terror units
  • VIP protection