Combined Stabilized Electro - Optical / Long Range Acoustic Emitter System

First and Only Combined EOD & Long Range acoustic emitter within a compact and lightweight gimbal.

First and Only equipped with IP67 waterproof acoustic emitter (ICS design)


Daylight – IR camers, stabilization, radar interface, laser range finder (opt), embedded video tracker (opt), mission recording, no junction box (plug & play), all weather conditions, rugged military construction, suitable for ships-vehicle-land and offshore platforms.


Long Range Surveillance and Designation System THEIA

  • Independent 360o Panorama Camera Surveillance
  • Long Range Target Designation
  • Multi-spectral LWIR+MWIR+Day & Night
  • Microrad-scale stabilization
  • Embedded Video Tracker
  • Radar Interface
  • Fire Control Ballistic Computer (OPT)
  • Multi-Target Video Tracker (OPT)
  • Two Versions: Very Long Range and Ultra Long Range